Seed cards and Non-Woven Bags

Seed cards and Non-Woven Bags

Businesses use many different marketing tools during trade shows, important meetings, booths at live events and more. Company names are printed on things like lanyards, Frisbees, bags, pens and key chains. If you can name it there is a good chance it has been used as a promotional item. The downside of giving things away is that they are often made with petroleum based materials and other things that are harmful to the environment.

Next time you order promotional products think about what you are giving out. One way to stand out is to use amazing seed cards from Custom Earth Promos. The cards are made out of 100% recycled paper, are completely biodegradable and have wildflower seeds pressed inside. You can have your brand’s logo and contact information put directly on them with water and soy based ink as well as organic pigments.

Choose from business cards, postcards and folding cards. These innovative products are environmentally safe and eco-friendly. Your brand will be seen as one that cares about the future and that will say a lot about your company. Putting that much care into a promotional item will make customers realize that you will put just as much care into your products and services. Once they are done with the seeded cards they can plant them and watch as wildflowers bloom, giving them another visual reminder of your company.

Another way to promote your company in an environmentally conscious way is to customize a non woven bag from These bags are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, have an incredibly soft texture and handles that are both sturdy and comfortable. Customize them with your company logo so clients will remember who you are and what you stand for. Your brand is the most important thing to make potential customers aware of. By giving these bags out at large events you are sure to get attention.

You can use them as gift bags and fill them with a seeded card and other things from Custom Earth Promos. They have reusable water bottles in both stainless steel and BPA free plastic, lanyards made from biodegradable materials and USB drives, pens, notebooks and rulers made from recycled materials. Everything they sell is earth friendly and guaranteed to impress your clients. They offer low pricing, great customer service and treat every customer the same whether it is an order for 200 or 2,000 items.

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