Multi-Threat Ensemble from Blauer Tactical Gear

Multi-Threat Ensemble from Blauer Tactical Gear


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The online store has all the equipment you need for upcoming disasters and social upheaval. Stay prepared with top of the line protective equipment and even full bodied hazmat suits. Check out our store for everything you need to survive. For police tactical gear and a multi-threat ensemble, go to this website.

The Homeland Defender multi-threat ensemble is a hazardous material suit that is able to block out chemical spills and even weapons grade poisonous gas. It does not come with an oxygen tank but is prepared to receive one. Suits of this quality are used by real hazmat workers to protect themselves from some of the world’s most dangerous materials.

The Homeland Defender multi-threat ensemble can withstand mustard gas and even sarin nerve agent for well over 720 minutes. It is an impermeable barrier to all wet and gaseous airborne chemicals. There is no need to risk death and blindness when professional hazmat equipment can be in your closet.

A special feature of the multi-threat ensemble is an exterior fabric that will absorb moisture. Little of anything can get through the GOREĀ® CHEMPAKĀ® ultra-barrier fabric, but the outer material will hold water. This unusual feature helps hazmat personnel stay cool when they are splashed with exterior water. Evaporation cools their bodies under strenuous conditions when sweat cannot evaporate through the impermeable layers.

The Homeland Defender multi-threat ensemble has been tested against common industrial chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol, acetone, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, and nitrobenzene. The Homeland Defender brand hazmat suits are perfectly suitable for industrial warehouses. They have been thoroughly tested with NFPA methods and have passed with flying colors.

The same suit is appropriate for home laboratories, where it is better protection than nitrile gloves alone. It is not an inexpensive piece of lab equipment, but it can be well worth the investment. Mixing chemicals will often produce toxic gas that has no odor but is nonetheless lethal. Dipping aluminum foil in hydrochloric acid is just one bad experiment that could cost you your life.

The thick outer fabric absorbs moisture but also protects the wearer against fire. It provides a bulky barrier in itself, but it is also made of fire retardant fibers. The multi-threat ensemble is really a combination chem suit and fire suit. It is built for multiple duties and will protect industrial workers from all manner of accidents and cleanup efforts. You are safer with tactical jackets around.

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