Keep Your Garden and Lawn Safe From Damage

Keep Your Garden and Lawn Safe From Damage

Most homeowners want the inside of their home as well as the outside of it to be in tip top shape. Many homeowners will typically do some type of weekly and spring cleaning to keep the inside of their home clean. For your lawn and garden it is important to keep it clean cut and watered. Also you will have to protect your lawn and garden from outside animals. Animals such as deer, rabbits, raccoons, moles and gophers. These animals can do all sorts of irreversible damage to your garden, by digging holes and ripping up plants.

How Repellex can Help a Garden
To help train your dogs and cats from digging off into your garden and messing it up use Repellex Dog and Cat. This spray formula is the perfect deterrent that will keep your animals out of your garden. This formula of chemicals gives off a smell that is unpleasant to your pets and also stings their nasal cavities. No worries though, this compound will not harm your pets at all, it will simply help to train them. The repellent can be either sprayed near the areas of your garden or sprinkled near them.

For protecting your fruits and vegetables you can use the Vegetable Repellex. This
proven natural rabbit repellent is sprayed on the edible garden fruits and vegetables, which creates a protective barrier around it. This barrier will keep animals and insects away from them. These animals can cause havoc on your garden and leave it is ruin within a day or two. Fortunately Repllex can not only protect your plants, but delivers a pleasant smell after every spray. This liquid spray will not strain or bleach the plants that it is sprayed on.

For those that don’t like sprays or do not want to hassle with the powder, Repellex has released a new tablet that will revolutionize repellents. This tablet will allow you to insert it into the ground as the plant grows the fruits off it will not be edible to the insects that may want it. The first treatment will last the entire growing season and keep the insects and animals at bay.

Repellex provides
gopher repellent that will help you keep your lawn and garden safe. With Repellex you will have your choice of sprays,tablets or powders that you can count on to protect your garden from animals and insects.

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