Iron Woodys Fitness Services and Products

Iron Woodys Fitness Services and Products offers soo many different kinds of workout bands that you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. Iron Woody’s bands are made of 100% pure natural latex with latex sheets bonded together in layers and then cut to various widths to create different bands hence creating greater strentgh and durability compared to other manufaturing methods. Every package of Iron woody bands come with three different-sized bands.

Beginners in fitness will use the lonest band in order to build up enough strentgh and endurance to gradually start using the shorter bands. The shorter a band is the less assistance is given hence requiring the user to use more strentgh and resistence. Iron Woody offers several different types of bands, including Crossfit and MMA, weight and powerlifting, pilates, and push up bands.

Push ups and pull-ups are great excersises for working out the back, chest, arms and upper body. Iron Woody offers an assisted pull-ups package for all novices looking to quickly build up their upper body strentgh. Deluxe assisted pull-ups packages are also available for just a little extra cost. Check more out over here In addition to bands Iron Woody also provides kettle grips, medicine balls, and hand grips.

Iron Woody’s grips come from 100-400 pounds of resistance to ensure increased strentgh and size of forearms. Kettle grips also come with fractional plates to modify resistance weight. The Woody gripper is the best adjustable grip Iron Woodys has to offer.

The Dynamax medicine balls have been crafted since 1985 and are made from 70% recycled materials. Dynamax medicine balls are designed to absorb high impact while remaining stable and controlled. Dynamax balls never lode their shape no matter how many times they hit the ground. Each ball is 14 inches in diameter and weighs 4 to 12 pounds. Iron Woody’s offers a Dynamax Starter kit with balls weighing 6, 8, and 10 pounds.

Iron Woody LLC was formed in 2003 with the sole intent of offering excellent quality products at great prices. Iron Woody’s office is located in the Bahamas and only has a storefront on the internet. Keeping the store on the internet reduces costs of maintaining the business which in turn keeps prices low for customers. Iron Woodys is dedicated to making sure your packages are delivered ASAP and are shipped the cheapest way possible, usually through USPS.

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