Could You Be Suffering From Andropause?

Have you ever heard of Andropause? It is quite a controversial topic these days, but it does exist and you or someone you love could be suffering from this condition. Men, just like women, actually go through the change of life. As a woman ages, her estrogen levels decrease. When a man ages, he loses testosterone. Testosterone levels peak in a man’s early 20’s, and then it slowly starts to decline at the rate of about one to two percent in the 30’s. By the time a man reaches his 70’s; his testosterone levels can be half of what they were before he started going through the “change of life.”

The Symptoms of Andropause

Due to the changes in hormone levels within the body, it is not uncommon for a man to experience physical, emotional, and psychological changes. The reason why male menopause is so controversial is because unlike women, the male variety doesn’t happen all that sudden. In fact, it can take a man may years to go through the change of life. Even more, confusing is unlike women, some men won’t experience andropause at all. Why the unique name? It is given this title because it refers to the androgen deficiency in the aging male.

The Most Common Complaint Is Lack of Libido

Having low testosterone can be worrisome at any age. It’s often the case that a man doesn’t know he has a problem until he is diagnosed. If a man does notice something is not right, it is usually with their libido. They may not be able to have intercourse and suffer from erectile dysfunction, or they may have no desire for that companionship. In the year 2000, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital did a study on various subjects with male menopause. They found that 80 percent of the men who were menopausal suffered from sexual difficulties. Thankfully, there is a way to treat this condition and restore the testosterone levels.

Though libido is the most common complaint, it certainly is not the only one.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Many men opt to treat their andropause with natural hormone therapy, which is also known as Bioidentical hormone therapy. This is a form of treatment for symptoms of hormone depletion that uses all natural ingredients to holistically counteract the symptoms. By replacing missing hormones in the body there is a drastic improvement in overall well-being. These biochemically engineered natural products are a chemical match to the hormones that the body makes naturally. So, if a man is low in testosterone, taking bioidentical hormones can replace these levels. Many patients say that they notice a difference within the first couple days. Some say it is like a veil has been lifted while others say the sky looks vibrant blue and they feel alive again. The great thing is the potential for cancers and other dangerous conditions associated with traditional hormonal therapy is not thought to be an issue with this treatment method.

Why Is Low T Therapy So Important?

There have been numerous studies done on the role that testosterone plays in a man’s overall health. Low levels of testosterone can shorten a man’s life expectancy, as well as cause problems like obesity, diabetes, and even metabolic syndrome. Those who have higher levels of testosterone are documented to live longer than a man who is on the lower end of the spectrum. When a man is starting on testosterone therapy, the fat mass goes down while the muscle mass tends to increase. This leads researchers to believe the connection between obesity and low testosterone levels is undeniable. In general, having the right levels of hormones in the body is essential for overall good health.

Though this may be a controversial subject that hasn’t yet received backing from Western Medicine, holistic physicians have found that treating the loss of testosterone is enough to restore a man’s health and vigor regardless of the age.