Seed cards and Non-Woven Bags

Seed cards and Non-Woven Bags

Businesses use many different marketing tools during trade shows, important meetings, booths at live events and more. Company names are printed on things like lanyards, Frisbees, bags, pens and key chains. If you can name it there is a good chance it has been used as a promotional item. The downside of giving things away is that they are often made with petroleum based materials and other things that are harmful to the environment.

Next time you order promotional products think about what you are giving out. One way to stand out is to use amazing seed cards from Custom Earth Promos. The cards are made out of 100% recycled paper, are completely biodegradable and have wildflower seeds pressed inside. You can have your brand’s logo and contact information put directly on them with water and soy based ink as well as organic pigments.

Choose from business cards, postcards and folding cards. These innovative products are environmentally safe and eco-friendly. Your brand will be seen as one that cares about the future and that will say a lot about your company. Putting that much care into a promotional item will make customers realize that you will put just as much care into your products and services. Once they are done with the seeded cards they can plant them and watch as wildflowers bloom, giving them another visual reminder of your company.

Another way to promote your company in an environmentally conscious way is to customize a non woven bag from These bags are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, have an incredibly soft texture and handles that are both sturdy and comfortable. Customize them with your company logo so clients will remember who you are and what you stand for. Your brand is the most important thing to make potential customers aware of. By giving these bags out at large events you are sure to get attention.

You can use them as gift bags and fill them with a seeded card and other things from Custom Earth Promos. They have reusable water bottles in both stainless steel and BPA free plastic, lanyards made from biodegradable materials and USB drives, pens, notebooks and rulers made from recycled materials. Everything they sell is earth friendly and guaranteed to impress your clients. They offer low pricing, great customer service and treat every customer the same whether it is an order for 200 or 2,000 items.

Safety Guidelines for Official Fire Department Suits

Safety Guidelines for Official Fire Department Suits

Fire and falling debris create enough danger for fire fighters on the job, but poor visibility both on the street and in smoke-filled areas creates more trouble. The gear each fire fighter wears must comply with ANSI 107 safety standards to minimize danger for the wearer.

The best Fire clothing is, first and foremost, designed with fabrics to protect from extreme heat, embers and flames. The pieces are also waterproof or water resistant, so the people can work with hoses and hydrants without getting soaked. Additional safety on all fire fighting clothes comes from the visibility factor. You have to be able to see your partners in a fire situation to work together effectively.

A great Class 3 suit with full ANSI compliance requires certain materials. The suit consists of a complete pants and jacket outfit usually worn by men and women battling a fire. They are also called turn out gear. While different fire companies use suits of different base colors: tan, fluorescent yellow and even blue, the reflective tape has to comply with ANSI standards.

All reflective tape must be a minimum of two inches wide on Class 3 specific gear. On the jacket, a band must encircle the chest and another near the waist or hem of the jacket. This provides visibility for the human form from all sides. Additional strips must go around each upper arm and each wrist area. Two inches of base cloth should be visible at the cuff and between each reflective stripe. Pants require the same width of reflective tape in two separated bands near the bottom of the legs. Most often, these reflective strips are fluorescent yellow or yellow-green.

The safety guidelines for fire gear and clothing are not all about visibility, however. Quality of fabric, fabric thickness, durability and how the color and quality hold up during use are taken into account. Each type of fabric available to be used in firefighting clothing undergoes rigorous testing. They are washed repeatedly, exposed to UV light and even tested for reactions with excessive perspiration.

With all the inherent dangers of fighting fires, the fire suits and turn out gear worn by fire men and women should always meet safety guidelines. Comfort, easy of movement, durability and visibility are all taken into account when a manufacturer constructs a quality firefighter outfit.

The Only Online All-Weather Clothier You’ll Ever Need

The Only Online All-Weather Clothier You’ll Ever Need

All too often, when you go to look at the big box stores or in specialty work clothes outlets, looking for bad weather gear, you don’t find the heavy duty clothes you need. You may find something close, or a cheap version of what you’re looking for, but often you end up being relegated to buying the brand that company is pushing. This is really disappointing when you already know exactly what you want. If you’re fishing out in the bearing sea there really is no substitute for having the right gear. After all, out on a boat in bad weather, your rain gear is the only thing keeping you out of a seriously freezing situation.

That is why we specialize in bringing you the tough weather clothes that you know you can rely on, without taking short cuts or selling imitator brands. We proudly sell brands like the durable and warm Grundens jackets. They’re renowned for their parkas which go way back to 1926. We also carry Gil, which has pretty much defined the look of competitive sport sailing and boating. We also sell Molehill Mountain Equipment which is the top of the line in dressing children and toddlers in warm outdoor activity gear. If you are trying to get the best rain gear available, Healy Hansen and Guy Cotten also produce great products available at

By specializing in one type of clothing, we are able to carry a line of products that may not always be the hottest selling items, but at least our customers know where to get them when they need them. We want to provide you with the things you need to make your out-door lifestyle as comfortable as possible. We are proud that our product line covers those people at work, as well as those at play. We hope that you will come here to visit before you plan your next outdoor adventure.

Coin Collecting: A Rewarding Hobby

Coin Collecting: A Rewarding Hobby

Coin collecting is more than just a hobby; it is a rewarding investment. The prices of silver and gold have gone up in the last few years, making coin collecting a valuable investment. To start collecting coins, one should acquire books and articles on Numismatics, the study, and science of money.

A serious collector should also consider creating a database to help monitor and track trends in coin prices.

A new coin collector should exercise patience. The world of today is full of fast food and instant gratifications, but a coin collector should not go out and buy any coin set they see. In order to get the best deal and value for a coin, a collector must sometimes wait for when the price goes down on a coin. Achieving a large and rare collection of coins takes time; holding out for the right collection is the best way to ensure one has a good collection of coins.

One also needs to consider quality over quantity. A large collection with little monetary value is just a waste of space. Coin collecting is not a get rich over night hobby. Even if a collector buys coins at the fair market value, they can still pay up to 20% over wholesale prices. Therefore, the collector must be sure that the coins they buy will go up in value to at least 20% over time. Ideally, one should buy coins with the intention of keeping them for at least ten years or more before they see a considerable return on their investment.

Sought after Proof coin sets, are a great investment for a long time collector because they are coins that have not been touched by human hands. These coin sets have come out yearly since 1936. These sets include the Lincoln Penny, Jefferson Nickel, and Roosevelt Dime. Buying these sets saves money because one is not buying them one at a time.

The amazing Gold eagle coin: is a gold bullion coin that was struck in 1986. These striking and beautiful coins are named for the double eagles on their back side. This coin makes a wonderful addition to any collection.

No Matter the Sport, All the Gear is Available in One Simple Package

No Matter the Sport, All the Gear is Available in One Simple Package

Getting involved in a new extreme sport is hard work. The process of learning the skills necessary to participate and have fun and success can be a demanding and lengthy one. But before any of that can even begin you must first outfit yourself with a full arsenal of equipment and safety gear. No matter where the sport takes place and what your level of expertise with it the array of items to buy remains the same. And when you’re just starting out and barely know how to use a wakeboard let alone where to buy one and what else to get with it the entire thing can seem daunting.

Wakeboard packages are a way to take all that stress out of wakeboarding. They provide a quick, easy and often much less costly alternative to the traditional gear shopping undertaking. Normally someone may spend hours browsing through sporting goods stores, trying to find the exact items they need to complete their gear set. This can lead to mismatches in styles, differing brands that aren’t compatible with one another, and overspending on items that could be found for much cheaper as package deals.

A phenomenal wakeboard package circumvents these issues by presenting a unique way to buy the essential gear while still not eliminating the possibility of optional accessories and upgrades. You start by picking the cornerstone of the package, the wakeboard itself. From there each successive choice is made from a list customized to the choices before it. So you’ll only be able to pick from bearings that fit that board you’ve chosen and so on down the line. By building the package piece by piece you end up with an entire set of the necessary items all guaranteed to match in style and fit each other without conflict, yet you didn’t have to do any comparison shopping or browsing to get there. Plus since it all comes in a package deal with a set base price you’ll likely save considerably compared to buying each item separately over time.

But don’t think these awesome way to shop for new gear is limited only to wakeboarding. It is actually available for any extreme sport where multiple pieces of equipment are needed. For instance say you’re in the market for a new snowboarding setup. Snowboard packages are available with many of the top manufacturers there to choose from. So go ahead and get building. You can get yourself a professional-level snow, some amazing Electric snowboard goggles and a matching set of boots and bindings all for one low, hassle-free price.

Firefighter Apparel That Is Smoking Hot!

The Uniform Does Make the Man or Woman in Public Service

Firefighters spend almost every day saving lives time and time again, and they receive very little gratitude for their efforts. In exchange for their efforts to save lives, we want to extend the favor and save them money! That is the purpose behind our clothing store. We offer apparel made of quality materials at the cheapest price that you can get them. We have a huge selection of clothing items available, so we are going to provide you with a few examples.


The first section that many people visit is our shirts section. Here you will find many different shirts since we have a wide variety, but they are all kept on a professional level so that you can wear them while you are on duty. Our shirts are made up of one of the three materials: Wool, polyester, and cotton. These materials are both comfortable and durable. Our awesome fire polo shirts are of the highest quality!

You will notice some small colored rectangles below many of the pictures. If you were to click one of these you would see that the item above changes color, depending on which color you clicked. This makes it easy for you to pick the color you want, as you can see it on your screen instead of having to take a wild guess.


The second item that most people will come across are the pants. Of course, if you are going to buy a shirt you will probably want pants that go with it. That is why we offer many pairs of pants that match up with our shirt selections. You will want to keep your eyes peeled for the rain protected pairs, as they will provide you protection from the rain if you live in a wet area.


Our final item we are going to cover today is our wide selection of jackets. The insides are made up of fleece that will not only keep you comfortable, but will allow you to remain warm in even the coldest temperatures.

You will notice that many of the jackets come in a bright yellow color. The reason behind this is to keep you visible in heavy rains or dark nights, as it is a safety precaution. You won’t need to wear a safety jacket if you are wearing one of these bad boys!


We have much more to offer, so take a look. It is finally your turn to be served, all you have to do is order any amazing firefighter uniforms from us!

Custom Grocery Bags: The Best Recycled Bags

Custom Grocery Bags: The Best Recycled Bags

Custom Grocery Bags is here to make your job easier. We have a strong line of eco-friendly promotional items available to expand your brand and simultaneously spread the message of green. Custom Grocery Bags is determined to set the example, showing how we can all be more environmentally conscious. We provide environmentally friendly products at extremely affordable prices. We offer the opportunity to make them fully customizable to your business so you can choose the colors, logos, text, and anything else you’d like printed on your promotional items.

Custom Grocery Bags offers a series of customized reusable grocery bags in a wide array of styles and colors. Our non-woven bags are made from high grade GSM polypropylene material. We have shopping bags, grommet bags, business totes, glossy bags, big bags, and more. We also have a nice collection of economy bags. These bags come extra-large, making them excellent for grocery and clothes shopping. They have reinforced carrying handles and guarantee long use. Keep a few in the car for any spontaneous stops at the supermarket or grocery store. Keep a supply neatly folded on a shelf at the house. Grab them when it’s time to do the weekly shopping. Do your part for the environment by not wasting plastic bags.

Our entire product line of bags is completely customizable. They come in a variety of colors and can be branded with a logo or image of your choice. Custom Grocery Bags has created bags for clothing designers, sports franchises, insurance companies and fast food chains. They can even be customized for special occasions. Hand them out at weddings with a photo of the happy couple to be, or let the world know the newest family addition deserves to be seen. The best part is these bags are incredibly affordable.

Custom Grocery Bags wants to assist you with marketing your business through promotional products. We excel at what we do and we personalize all our orders. It doesn’t matter if it’s 250 eco-friendly reusable bags or 250,000 customized lanyards, we give all our clients and their needs specialized attention. At Custom Grocery Bags, you can get stylish custom wine totes and bags, fully custom organic jute bags at discount prices. Custom Grocery Bags offers great wholesale jute bags completely customized with your brand logo and colors, or custom bags all made with the finest eco-friendly and high quality materials