Body oils works as moisturizers to our skin

body oilsOur body is like a machine. A machine needs fuel to run and greasing and maintenance to be in proper shape and perform. Just like any other mechanical device our body needs food to work. At the same time it needs maintenance i.e. care like brushing teeth, bathing and massage etc. And when body massage is concerned, definitely it should be well performed by body oils. Applying massage to body means giving body the nourishment’s it needs. This also means using some body oil to perform the task well.

Many of us do not know the good property of body oil but we all certainly know it’s greasing nature and so always like to avoid it because of one reason or the other. But you can find oils that are less greasing on your skin. Once you start using body oils, you would not quit. Applying oil during massage will also give you therapeutic benefits. A number of body oil products are available in the stores, which you can use for body massage on yourself, and gain the physical benefits from it. The body oil makes your body skin smooth and healthy.

Since the atmosphere in which you live changes continuously and hence your body skin has to face a lot of difficulties in changing weather conditions. Different persons have different skins and hence the problem varies individual to individual, but if you are a person of the kind who takes body massages and that too with some body oil, this will help your body skin to look good and healthy.

Body oils also works as moisturizers to your skin. However, you are advised to use natural oils for body massage. The benefit of using natural oil is that these do not contain any artificial fragrance or color. The natural oils are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are essentials to your skin. Taking massage with natural oil makes your body relaxed and gives your body skin the necessary vitamins and minerals. So your body skin always look healthy, young and beautiful.

There are a number of natural body oils available for body massage. Body massage is simple and safe. It is one of the best methods to keep you away from different stress and anxiety. This is useful for all and especially for those who are workaholic. Doing body massage is enjoyable and it has a lot of health benefits like proper blood circulation and lymph drainage, better movements of different joints and tendons, healthy skin and wonderful emotional well being. This also gives amazing calmness to your mind.

Now you definitely would like to know, how to do an effective body massage and hence to give maximum benefits to your body.

By knowing the following facts you can get maximum benefits from body massage;

* It is important to know, how to give the body massage treatment to your different body parts like toes, legs, thighs, back, chest, stomach, neck, and even head. Giving individual attention to each body part will boost energy in your body enormously and will improve the individual parts strengthning as well.
* You need to understand the anatomy of your body and its working criterion and accordingly you need to understand the techniques of massaging for different body parts.

Doing body massage at a regular basis with a natural body oil will relieve you from back pain, and minimizes the chances of day to day-to-day stress and muscular cramp.

So why to wait thinking, indeed go for it!!

8 reason why you should lose weight now!

weighing ObesityObesity is the second leading cause of death after smoking. It is associated with increased mortality in all age groups, including children. Weight loss is trade, but again in your favor if you have more weight than they should get.

Obesity and overweight is a term often used interchangeably. However, these are technical two different states.

Overweight is technically excess body mass. This includes all body tissues. Obesity on the other hand, explicitly refers to excess body fat as a professional grave Body Builder is overweight because of excess muscle, but not obese.

Obesity is what should concern you. Losing weight is no longer an issue, you can afford to hesitate, and probably a good health scare is in order.

Reason #1 to lose weight

Diabetes:- It is well known that 80 -90% of type-two-diabetes patients are overweight. Diabetes is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., as well as the leading cause of adult blindness in the world. One of the direct causes of obesity is eating wrong foods. Some of these wrong foods include high glycemic foods. High glycemic foods are energy dense foods that quickly increase the level of blood glucose in your body after been eaten. This results to the body reserving the unnecessarily high glucose/energy into fat. This makes losing weight very difficult.

Releasing a hormone called insulin does this. Type-Two-diabetes occurs because the body cannot produce enough insulin to remove the excess blood glucose and store it as body fat. This will occur after straining insulin production for some time. And that’s how you end up being fat and diabetic.

Reason #2 to lose weight

Stroke:- Obesity is associated with arteriosclerosis, the build up of fatty deposits in the arteries through out your body. This makes them narrow slowing blood flow and among other things increases risk of the blood clotting. Arteries at risk include those supplying blood to the brain. If clotting occurs due to narrowed artery, it blocks blood supply to an area of the brain resulting to stroke. Losing weight reduces this risk.

Reason #3 to lose weight

Cancer:- The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates between 25% – 33% of cancer world wide are overweight and physical inactivity related. Body fat evidently promotes higher levels of insulin production and excess estoregens, a hormone. Both insulin and estorogens accelerate cell division.

[Probably to create adipose tissue; new fat cells to store fat, in addition to the regular cell division]

As research has indicated, the faster cells duplicate the more they increase chances of a cancerous cell developing. The situation is further complicated as the rapid cell division caused by the excess hormones lead also to rapid cell reproduction of the one cancerous cell, hence cancer starts to develop actively. In addition fat cells tend to keep carcinogenic i.e. cancer-causing agents, trapped in the body which increases chances of developing cancer.

Types of cancers you will be at high risk to get include:-

  • Breast cancer- affecting the breast possibly in both men and women.
  • Colorectal cancer- affecting colon and rectum.
  • Prostrate cancer- affecting the prostrate gland in men.
  • Endometrial cancer- affecting the uterus.
  • Esophageal cancer- affecting the esophagus.
  • Renal cell cancer, the cancer of the kidney, etc.
  • Reason #4 to lose weight

    Respiratory problems:- Obesity causes lungs to “become smaller” in size and chest wall become heavier to lift in the process of breathing in. The most common respiratory problem is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where by an individual stops breathing for some time while asleep. A soft tissue in the throat collapses around the air way probably due to weight, blocking it. For the severely obese sleep apnea may get more complicated with hypoventilation. Hypoventilation is accumulation of toxic levels of carbon dioxide (the gas we breathe out) in the blood, due to inadequate breathing. Losing weight would be the only permanent safe and healthy solution to sleep apnea.

    Reason #5 to lose weight

    Urinary Incontinence:- This is involuntary release of urine. Being overweight can contribute to urinary incontinence. A heavy abdomen due to body fat deposit may cause valve of urinary bladder to be weakened. The weight also exerts pressure on the urinary bladder, trying to push urine out. This results to leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing or laughing. This is because of a slight relaxation of the bladder valve that normally will not result to leakage. It can even result to bed wetting at night. This particular problem can be a very effective motivator to lose weight.

    Reason #6 to lose weight

    Varicose veins:- Also known as Venous Stratis Disease. The leg and thigh muscles assist the heart in blood circulation just like most large muscles in the body. They are involved in pumping blood against gravity back to the heart with the help of valves that close to avoid a backward flow. Pressure as a result of a large abdomen may increase the work load on the valves eventually causing damage. Damaged valves then allow for blood to back up, due to gravity, causing high pressure in these veins leading to swelling, thickening of skin and skin ulcers.

    Reason #7 to lose weight

    High Blood Pressure:- The BMI (Body Mass Index) and age together are the strongest indicator of risk of hypertension or high blood pressure. At least a third of hypertension is related to obesity.

    Reason #8 to lose weight

    Other Diseases:- Other diseases which MAY occur as a result of being overweight include;

    • Gout
    • Coronary heart disease
    • Lower back pains
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Gall stones
    • Pregnancy disorders such as
    • Neural tube defect,
    • Prenatal mortality,
    • Maternal hypertension,
    • Gestational diabetes etc.
    • Impaired immune response
    • Liver disease
    • Pancreatitis
    • Bad body smell
    • Depression

    Research shows that reducing even modest weight loss even £ 10 for the significantly overweight, the to develop these diseases. Weight loss is indeed a challenge, which takes place every year, many of them.

    Unfortunately, many fail in this effort viable. And all this because for one thing, the lack of adequate information for effective weight loss. Effective weight loss is permanent, and permanent weight loss depends mainly on four factors. These four are what we call health eMark “Top 4 reasons for the failure of weight loss.

    7 Simple Tips to Get Calories Out of Restaurant Food

    restaurant mealsIf I eat something I want to be special, so I do not often eat out. You can use the tips on how to shave calories in restaurants, but have actually seen it, you’ll want to pay the high prices of restaurants in undressed salads and plain steamed vegetables? If not, how can we solve this dilemma too many calories if you eat out?

    Here are seven tips for getting the calories out of restaurant meals while still ordering your favorites.

    1. Say NO to super sizing. The size you ordered is already too big. Stop super sizing and you’ll save money. Better still, order one dinner and ask for an extra plate. Many restaurants will do this for a dollar or two, and it’s well worth it. Then share the meal with your friend and you split the cost straight down the middle. Another option is to order from the so called “appetizer” menu. Two people could order three entrees, one dessert and split the whole thing and it’s still a ton of food!

    2. Skip the bread and rolls. Many family restaurants still serve a bread basket with your meal. Unless it’s a fresh baked loaf or some really special bread, just skip it. You don’t need to fill up on ordinary bread when you’re paying good money for a meal. Just ask for it to be taken away if you can’t resist, but frankly, you’re an adult, you can resist, if you want to. You can simply choose not to put a roll on your plate. Try it, just once and see if you don’t walk out of that restaurant feeling strangely powerful.

    If you can’t skip the rolls, at least skip the butter. That’s right. Eat it plain. Whole grain bread is delicious all by itself.

    3. Stop Ordering Drinks. Soft drinks are a huge cash cow for restaurants. For pennies they sell you a squirt of syrup and carbonated water and act like they’re doing you a big favor by only charging you $1.29 for a giant 64 ounce soda. Start saving those dollars. Especially if you’re ordering “to go” skip the drink. If you’re eating it there, ask for water, or at least switch to diet drinks. Never drink “fat pop.”

    4. Slow Down You Eat Too Fast! What’s the rush? Take your time, savor the moment, enjoy the flavors. A big part of getting in touch with your hunger signals and learning to eat what really will satisfy is learning to recognize the subtle signs of hunger. You won’t know when you’re approaching satisfaction if you’ve gobbled everything down in five minutes. Take a bite then notice how many times do you chew before you start wanting to swallow? Once, twice? Make an effort to chew your food and your body will be much happier. A very large part of digestion begins in your mouth, not to mention you’ll get much more pleasure if you let the food linger.

    5. Trim Visible Fat and Skin. I know, you really love the skin–of course you do, it tastes good, it should, it’s pure fat. Do you want to get leaner, or do you want to eat fat? You choose. I never eat chicken skin and never eat the visible fat hanging off a steak, good taste or no. You have to decide what you want more, the second’s worth of pleasure of a yummy taste, or a lifetime of carrying around an extra 40 lbs? I know this is counter to the low carb crowd’s belief that fat is good, carbs are evil, but I’ve maintained an 80 pound weight loss for 18 years without dieting and I don’t eat visible fat or skin. Enough said.

    6. Ask for a Doggie Bag at the Beginning of Meal. When the food is served, immediately portion off some to take home for tomorrow. Most restaurants in the US serve way too much. There is no law you have to eat it all. Do this frequently and soon you’ll find you’re getting an extra lunch out of that meal.

    7. Get a copy of Restaurant Confidential: The Shocking Truth about What You’re Really Eating When You’re Eating Out by Michael F. Jacobson and Jayne Hurley, and start checking out how many calories you’re really eating. If you eat out frequently and you carry extra weight, then that’s probably the problem right there. This little book can help you realize why it seems you don’t eat that much yet you can’t lose any weight. Hardees recently introduced a new burger that clocks in at just under 1200 calories all by itself! Now that’s frightening.

    If you really want to get a handle on your weight problem, look first, where to eat, what you eat second and third, how much you eat. Where, what and how? Try these steps to choose an edge at a time and see how easy it is to some of the calories from the food in the restaurant.

    Nutrition and Supplements

    supplements and nutritionA balanced diet and affinity for all groups to ensure proper quantities of food are absolutely necessary nutrients. However, not all people are blessed with a taste for vegetables and milk for tolerance. There are also people with allergies to nuts and poultry are excellent sources of protein and fat is good. What happens when one of them? How can you be sure you get the proper nutrition, breastfeeding without power brocollis the same? Therefore, dietary supplements, and should work together.

    Before supplementation, it is advisable to consult your doctor for advice. Finally, make sure you have the right diet and supplements. The large number of supplements include multivitamins, protein supplements, minerals and supplements specialty. Multivitamins are the most commonly prescribed supplements. Organized and concentrated amounts of essential vitamins packed into a tablet or gel. Proteins tend to be matched with people who want to build more muscles as the athletes used. Minerals include calcium for bone growth. Food supplements and memory boosters usually characterized as special supplements.

    Food and nutrition should be complementary. We must, for example, a person with large amounts of carrots and squash, it consumed a supplement of vitamin A. This is because too much vitamin A can cause a yellow or orange skin. Other overdoses of minerals and vitamins can disrupt normal hormonal even function. Finally, a very good cause health problems.

    Therefore, the availability of suitable food supplements and rules are discussed with the doctor to avoid overdose or unnecessary additives. has made the U. S. FDA, in recognition of the growing market and the necessary measures, as supplemented by the production, setting strength, and restoration of rights. This was to ensure good quality products. This step is also partly due to the increasing number of medically intended use supplement for consumers. The agency also stressed the importance of using information to supplement users. It suffices to know the name of your supplements. You should know what determines a shortage and how it works. Studies show that many different tests be added that in order to show only a small defect can be corrected with a single species. Also to add, despite the anger, doctors and health experts are still standing by natural correction of deficiencies through proper nutrition. Proposed alternative food sources of nutrients found in food allergens. Hello, real food tastes better than the capsules anyway.

    The Advantages of Natural Vitamins And Supplements

    Natural VitaminsWhile there are several reports released by the health, nutrition and medical experts in recent years that discuss the fact that several of the men, women and children are overweight and not eating properly, it is also a large segment of the population concerned their health and nutrition issues. If you’re a person would be about what they eat or interested in the relationship between diet and health, you want to get some basic information about the main advantages of natural vitamins and nutritional supplements affected.

    Some research suggests that synthetic chemicals used in more traditional forms of vitamins and nutritional supplements, some residual effects that can not be healthy over time. Therefore, a growing number of experts suggest that a person interested in the best possible effects of vitamins and supplements are synthetic products because of possible long-term effects, the use of synthetic products that can be avoided.

    Another advantage of the natural vitamins and supplements because they are absorbed by the body faster and easier than synthetic counterparts found. In addition to being faster in the body, natural products also include more in body than synthetic products, is absorbed in the rule. As a result, you may benefit more from a natural product as you could get from a synthetic cousin.

    While a more traditional, synthetic vitamins or dietary supplement product could be cheaper, you can save money at the end very well over time. For there is some evidence that natural products work better and better with the body, you literally more for your money if you use a natural product. Through the development of healthier lifestyles, you are sick less and may even prevent some serious diseases.

    In the final analysis, if you are interested in developing a truly effective plan for a healthy lifestyle, you’ll want to take the best food, drinks, vitamins and nutritional supplements. To this end, natural products, such as chemicals and food have higher contrast positive impact on the welfare of the individual and overall health.

    How would you go about getting into the vitamin and nutritional supplement choices for taking the time to meet with your doctor or dietitian to visit and see what products best serve your particular needs.

    Glucosamine Can Help With Sports Injuries

    Sports InjuriesIf you play sports regularly or like to keep fit then your biggest problem might be injuries. Glucosamine is a nutritional supplement that has a great reputation for reducing injuries and helping your body to recover from them.  It is now a very popular nutritional supplement with a great record of success; millions of people take it regularly. If this is something that you have never considered before then you will certainly want to check it out.

    How Does Glucosamine Work?

    Glucosamine is an amino acid that the body uses to keep cartilage and connective tissue functioning normally. Your body has a good supply of this substance but unfortunately our demands can outpace this supply. When that happens it can cause problems in regards to the body’s ability to repair and keep itself functioning at an optimum level. If you are constantly suffering from sports injuries then taking this supplement can make a huge difference.

    The Evidence for Glucosamine

    The proof of the effectiveness of glucosamine can be seen by the number of people who have successfully got benefits from using it. There is also plenty of clinical evidence to support the effectiveness of this nutritional supplement.

    Need to lose weight? Signs that you may!

    need to lose weightEvery day in the U.S. millions of Americans say to themselves, “I want to lose weight.” Are you one of those people? While doing many of the people who say they need to lose weight need to lose weight, not all do. So the question many are asking themselves, “do I really need to lose weight?” Is this a question you ask, would you continue on.

    One of the many signs that you need to lose weight if you are overweight. Many people do not realize that there is a difference between overweight and obesity. While different healthcare professionals have different definitions for obese, it is often said that there are people who are thirty or forty pounds overweight are obese. If you are overweight, should concern not only for your looks but your health as well. Obesity has many health complications, including premature death has been collected.

    Another of the many signs that you should lose weight is if you say that we really do. Whether you want to lose your doctor recommended weight or when you need to know on a personal level, it is important that you at least take their suggestions into account. Unfortunately, many people are confused or angry when they say they need to lose weight. What you should remember is that the individual mentioning your weight to you is not likely that your appearance as it is to your health.

    Another sign that you may want to consider losing weight if you find that your clothes no longer fit you are. Of course it is understandable that some people need to gain weight or weight changes, but you might want to think about joining a weight loss program or to develop own weight loss plan if you want your clothes do not fit or are difficult to be found gain. Unfortunately, not many people know only a small increase in weight. Small weight gain often leads to more, which could have a negative impact on your health. It is also important to mention the cost of new clothes you can afford.

    If you have many simple tasks or activities such as walking a flight of stairs is hard to think you might want to lose weight. Of course, always out of breath from simple activities may not necessarily be a weight problem, but there’s a good chance they are. If you lose weight, even more than that, you’ll probably be easier, many of the activities you love, or even the tasks you need to do to your children as the park

    These signs are just a few of the many signs that you need to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you should proceed with caution. There are a number of weight loss products on the market, such as diet pills or exercise equipment that do not. To save money and protect your health, please consult your doctor before you consider any weight loss program, even one that will be developed.